Janine & Sarah – A Ten Year Age

Having ten years age difference between them was initially something that Sarah & Janine needed to overcome, but once they did, it wasn’t something they ever thought twice about. 

They met via Tinder; their first date lasted five hours and ended with a kiss. Ever since, they’ve been falling more in love as each day together passes. 


Sarah proposed to Janine in two ways.

One week before Sarah proposed in person, she recorded an interview where she asked the big question in the end with the help of a German podcast called “Busenfreundin der Podcast”. 

On the day of the proposal, Janine’s friend Bea (also her maid of honor) allured Janine to meet up in a park to talk and enjoy the day with her. 

Bea and Janine sat at a bench in front of a small lake. Bea told Janine that she needed to put on the earphones to listen to the podcast. In the first few moments, Janine did not understand why she should be listening until it finally clicked, and she recognized Sarah’s voice. 

Earphones in, she listened for some time while Sarah and their family and friends were hiding nearby in the park. When the podcast came to an end, Bea gave a sign that we could leave our hideout, and then everybody came straight up to Janine with balloons. 

Finally, Sarah got down on her knees to ask the final question. 

And, of course, it was a yes.


First of all, it was the best day ever. We started out very early as our stylist Vanessa came to the Hotel where we already slept one day before at 7:30 in the morning. 

We got ready in separate rooms; Janine’s dress was a complete surprise to Sarah – and the first look photos really show how surprised Sarah was. Sarah was overwhelmed with emotions; tears ran down her face. 

We celebrated an outdoor wedding ceremony at a Hotel Restaurant in our little village, where Celina Fischer, our wedding speaker, and Sandra Kozlik, our singer, were already waiting with Sarah as our guests were entering. Sarah welcomed everyone while Janine stayed up in the room with her Dad, who walked her down the aisle. 

The ceremony was full of emotions starting with our singer Sandra who gave everyone goosebumps with her voice. After the ceremony, we drank some Prosecco and people came up to us for congratulations. 

While people enjoyed the cake and drinks, we had our newlywed photos taken. We had this little Fiat 500 oldtimer car from Janine’s parents, which we think was perfect for us. After the couples shoot, we came back to the venue where we had some time to talk to family and friends. After that dinner was served in form of a buffet provided by the restaurant of the venue. 

With full stomachs, we were called out to sit down and watch a really sweet song performed by Bea in German, that told the story of our first date. We were absolutely speechless. 

We danced, partied and celebrated until the very early hours of the next day.

We will never ever forget this day.

Captured by Hannah Konda Fotografie

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