Amanda & Tracy – A Blended Family And Elopement

This is both their second marriages, and they knew that their love couldn’t wait. Without proposals, they began to plan their elopement, blending together their two families.

Who Are Amanda & Tracy?

First and foremost, we are moms to our six amazing kids, ages 15, 10, 8, 7, and two 5-year old’s. Our big blended family keeps us crazy busy, but we would not have it any other way! Tracy works in the Medical Sales field, supplying our community with all of its PPE needs and Amanda is a sculptor/painter currently in the last years of her teaching degree. We love anything outdoors and movie nights on the couch with all our babies! 

We met in 2019 on an LGBTQ dating app. Shortly after, we met at a local coffee shop, and the rest is a crazy, fast, amazing history! Meeting later in our lives allowed us to know what we wanted and how we wanted it pretty straight away. We were able to align with one another very quickly and learned that together we would always be better. Our love overcame so much in such a short period. We knew it was what we had both been searching for, for so long. 

Tell Us About The Proposal.

Because we had decided on eloping before official proposals happened, we had agreed to hold off on proposals until the “BIG” wedding. 

However, Amanda wanted to surprise Tracy on another special day (July is full of good dates for us) and decided to surprise her with a quarantine style proposal.

We had her mom, best friend, brother, and brother’s girlfriend all join in and help. It was magical yet straightforward, a surprise that Tracy was not expecting, but we both will never forget. 

Talk Us Through The Decision To Elope.

We knew our love was forever and that we wanted a wedding within the next two years. But because this was both of our second marriages, we decided that our love just did not need to wait. 

We both agreed on the weekend of our birthdays in July that we would elope on a special day to us as soon as we were able to. It just so happened to be 12 days after that decision and seriously could not have been any more perfect! 

Tell Us About Telling Your Loved Ones That You’re Now Married.

Our loved ones supported our love from the very start. While it was a new concept for some of them, they remained open-minded and non-judgmental throughout the process. We hope that soon Covid will be behind us, and we will be able to celebrate our love with all of them soon.

Talk Us Through The Elopement.

We had heard of this new, modern, elopement place in our hometown of Las Vegas, NV. It was simple yet elegant, and they had our date available!

We booked the day and spent that weekend taking our kids to pick out outfits, rings, etc. We had such a fun two weeks planning, and the kids were so excited! 

On the day of, we had all of our closest family and friends nearby. With even some of them on facetime throughout the day. We spent the day getting ready in our home and headed downtown that evening. Our ceremony was marked with the world’s current pandemic with everyone in mask (rainbow ones, of course for our crew) and social distancing at its best. But despite all of that, it was so beautiful and unique. 

The Sure Thing chapel provided the most fantastic team of professionals that helped us walk through our time there and were so kind with accommodating our large family. We exchanged our personal vows and wrapped it up with the most fun photo opportunities we could have asked for with the amazing Onxy and Arrow Photography.

We headed back home with our crew for cake, homemade posole, and a beautiful toast. It was nothing short of perfect for us and the best day of our journey so far.

What Does The Future Hold For You Both?

The future holds everything for us! We are looking forward to forever and all that this life brings us. The kids are looking forward to the “Big” after Covid Wedding, and in the meantime, we are just living our best quarantine life. 

We are now home educating all six kids this year and plan to have many family camping trips shortly after renovating our 1970s StarCraft popup. We hope to connect with other LGBTQ+ families in our area and create a safe place where our children can come together in the future as well. 

Photography by Onyx and Arrow Photography

Ceremony Venue Sure Thing Chapel
Rings Pandora Las Vegas

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