Category: Engagements

Ebony & Vicky

Their story begins with a conversation that was meant to be short and sweet but turned into a very interesting story of long-distance love & two proposals.

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Jennifer & Sky

We’re both from Manitoba, Canada. We met about two years ago and we’ve been glued at the hip ever since. We spend our time browsing used book-stores, road tripping to concerts, camping, sipping sangria and spending lazy Sundays at home with our guinea pigs and our cat. We are currently planning a wedding for September 2019, but are also debating an adventure-centric elopement or tiny wedding. We’ve been engaged since October and the whole thing went down in the most unconventional but completely authentic way!

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Emmalaine & Maddie

For Emmalaine and Maddie, love grew over long nights driving around San Francisco together aimlessly. Within six months they’d moved in together and four years, six months after Emmalaine asked Maddie to be her girlfriend, she got down on one knee and proposed. They share their intimate at-home engagement edit.

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Chantal & Sam

Chantal and Jess share their at home, intimate, sunset engagement session. Their love is something that grew over time, but when everything aligned they found a home together, grew their family and at sunrise along the California Beach, Sam asked Chantal, will you marry me?

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