Spring Bay Mill – An Ecological Coastal Wedding Venue

If you’ve been looking for a waterfront wedding venue on the east coast of Tasmania, eco-friendly venue, Spring Bay Mill, is an award-winning option.

What makes Spring Bay Mill unique?

Spring Bay Mill has layers and layers of stories, and every event adds a new chapter.

Both our history as a former wood chip mill and our ongoing story of ecological regeneration are evident everywhere onsite, from our upcycled industrial architecture to designed plantings, restored grasslands, and tens of thousands of new trees.

We have spaces and places that offer flexibility for stand-up or sit-down arrangements in a unique range of indoor or outdoor settings for your ceremony and reception. And a dedicated in-house event planner who will be with you every step of the way. 

We also offer stylish off-grid accommodation options with outdoor hot tubs and sea views that stretch from Windlass Bay to wukaluwikiwayna/Maria Island National Park. We can accommodate up to 118 people on site, but if you need more we can arrange other nearby accommodations.

Can you tell us more about your relationship with the Indigenous people of the area?

As the first people to gather at Freestone Point and the Traditional Custodians of the land, we deeply respect Tasmanian Aboriginal people and work with them to incorporate their input and guidance into the site’s ongoing development. For example, the planned locations for the Beach Shacks were changed early on after Aboriginal consultation gave us new knowledge about the size of the ancient shell middens at Freestone Point.

We believe progress involves not only respecting past knowledge and traditions but also incorporating them into the present and future. So we work closely with NITA Education and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community to share their culture with people coming to Spring Bay Mill and to regenerate the site through traditional practices such as cultural burning.

Do you have preferred vendors that you work alongside, or are you happy for couples to bring their own creative team to bring your venue to life and capture their day?

We welcome both. We’re not your average wedding venue. We care about the details that are important to you. Whether it be finding the right Instagram-worthy backdrop, creating a custom-designed garden-to-plate menu or aligning with your sustainability values, we’re here to make sure things go right.

We also love collaborating. Creatives enjoy coming to the mill to work with our range of unconventional spaces. But we always prefer to recommend suppliers who practice high standards of sustainability.

If you could bust one wedding myth, which one would it be?

That weddings need lots of ‘stuff.’ We think weddings can lessen the impact, without lessening the ‘impact’ – if you know what we mean. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do at Spring Bay Mill. And we try to share all our practices and ideas with all soon-to-be newlyweds. Our upcycled spaces mean they don’t need to be dressed up with loads of disposable decorations. Instead, we welcome reusable decorations that don’t cost the earth.

Another myth is that you need to get married in the warmer months in Tasmania! We know everyone loves a Spring or Summer wedding, but we think Winter weddings in Tassie invite a different kind of creativity, atmosphere and beauty. Intimate or spectacular, Spring Bay Mill has the flexibility to cater for all seasons.

Spring Bay Mill is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive venue. Please do contact us to organise a site visit, we’d love to show you around!

Dancing With Her Recommended Vendor
Spring Bay Mill

Photography Credit: Jon Gazzignato, Rosie Hastie, By The Wilde, Cassie Sullivan and Nina Hamilton.

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